DENT VFX Expands Creative Team

June 1st 2020, Amsterdam, Netherlands

DENT VFX is thrilled to announce an expansion of our Amsterdam creative team with the addition of Elsa Tu to our talent roster.

An accomplished, motivated and passionate VFX Supervisor, Flame Artist, Colorist and Director, Elsa brings a wealth of experience and a world-class portfolio of work to our network.

With fifteen years of experience in high profile client-facing projects – from creating TV & online commercials, music videos, broadcast promos to feature films – this is a significant boost to our already formidable creative capabilities.

Welcome on board!

Squarespace – Welcome to Winona

The year started very well for everyone, before COVID-19 gave us the smackdown we, as an industry, didn’t anticipate or endure ever before.

There was a lot of fun work out there, and one of the two Superbowl spots I had the pleasure of working on (other being “The Heist” for Porsche), was a spot for Squarespace – “Welcome to Winona”, for Method Studios NYC.

I had the pleasure of finishing over sixty challenging shots on a Flame which ended up being seen by an audience of hundreds of millions Super Bowl spectators.

Starring Winona Rider, one of everyone’s favorite Hollywood stars, it weaves a story about her character finding her true self while traveling through the town she was actually named after, Winona, Minnesota.

Enjoy the work!