Amstel – In The Rough

Conform, do the VFX and deliver 17 HD spots, than edit and deliver 1×1 spots for Instagram-like formatting and do the same (edit & deliver) a dozen more 9×16 formatter clips for vertical cell phone watching experience? No problem!

For this funny Amstel Light campaign featuring the golf legend Phil Mickelson, the power of Flame as a system really showed. Both 1×1 and 9×16 edits Aleksandar had to do himself, pick framing and performances working off the initial HD edits.

There was splicing different performances together, and even doing a version of a deepfake effect in a shot or two of talent’s face (so they can say the right words at the right time); not to mention a behemoth of a delivery on a neck-breaking deadline of five days from blank canvas to all done.

All in a weeks worth of work!

Here’s one of the spots: