Samsung – Galaxy Buds+

I had a chance to jump on a Flame for another great Samsung spot, my first in 2020, for Method Studios New York.

Method teamed up with Ogilvy and Director Marco Prestini from Anonymous Content on this fun new promo for Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+. It was an outstanding experience to join this fantastic and hard working Flame crew lead by my old friend and Method NY’s Creative Director Randie Swanberg.

Check out this cool vid!

DENT VFX is remote!

Well, that’s not entirely correct.

DENT VFX was remote already!

The unfortunate situation we’re all facing now has led to proliferation of the workflow we already were setup for, and considered normal for years. So – while we’re all looking forward to the end of all this – in the meantime you can rely on our advanced remote VFX pipeline to deliver the highest quality production!

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