VFX Supervision, production and finishing

We’ve done it all. Advertising, broadcast, episodic, film. We successfully delivered VFX for most big productions out there, traditional, indie, local or the streaming behemoths.

Dent VFX is a rare find in Netherlands. Possibly a Dutch best-kept-secret – our resume boasts almost exclusively a global portfolio of VFX work. Our artists supervised and delivered top tier visual effects for blockbusters and amazing indie flicks, Super Bowl spots that made magazine covers, and music videos for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Black Eyed Peas, Ariana Grande or MGMT. For the past few decades of VFX-only focus, we had the pleasure of working with both upcoming and exciting new talent, and established creative behemoths of the industry in the director’s and show-runners seat.

Post-pandemic we went all-in on cloud, relying on our vast network of artists from all around the globe and experience in running projects across many time zones. This approach allows an incredible level of scale and creative oversight through utilization of all the latest in cloud and tech.

We don’t just deliver work – we build relationships and ensure that your creative leads, show-runners and directors vision is met and the project is delivered on time and within your budget.

Send us your script or your treatment, or just a sequence stringout to look over, let us break it down for you, figure it all out and deliver your VFX. Production side, or just as your vendor – our focus is on quality work, done right.

Reach out today and let’s Make a Dent™!!!