Dent VFX (Djordjevic Enterprises Visual FX) is the creative production studio of VFX supervisor & audiovisual artist Aleksandar Djordjevic; specializing in on-set shoot VFX supervision, project management and creative direction for advertising, broadcast and film.

As a lean, nimble and fully remote post house serving clients in North America & Europe, our focus is on delivering outstanding and uncompromising quality – a philosophy rooted in our decades of experience in global high-end production.

From commercials to feature films, our carefully curated network of outstanding VFX supervisors and artists is here to help your project from concept to delivery.

VFX Supervision as a service

As a facility that maintains a certain quality, finding the right talent to do your shoot supervision work to enable easier VFX work is not always an easy job. The vetting process, while based on a massive amount of trust, is often done last-minute and reliant on a range of personal opinions you scramble to find out last minute – just to make sure the person on the set does the job you need them to do.

That rarely ends up well, leading to good talent often not getting a second chance due to any issues that may have happened on the first run. We know, we’ve been there ourselves. And we thought long and hard how to help not only ourselves, but anyone out there having a similar issue.

Well, after a lot of thinking we realized that it doesn’t have to be like that. We figured out a clean-cut solution to that and any similar issues, and it’s summed up in the name of the game – VFX Supervision as a service.

Dent VFX acts as a production quality assurance layer providing a previously non-existent layer of supervision, vetting the talent and making sure you get everything you need from the supervisor doing your job. You get what you need, on-time and on-budget – every time.

So – reach out today – and let’s Make a Dent™!!!